How Can Order for Pickup Deliver ROI?

The bar has been raised: Today’s consumers want what they want, when they want it. And those sky-high expectations can translate into frustration when there’s a hiccup with their on-demand experience—whether it’s having to wait in line, paying more for delivery or not getting exactly what they ordered.

To better understand the reality vs perception of the customer experience on restaurant profitability, Rakuten Ready investigated the service time performance across four major QSR brands. The goal was to learn more about the QSR wait time experience and how a shift in order mix toward Order for Pickup can become a revenue opportunity.

The Rakuten Ready 2020 ROI Study offers a deeper dive into our findings and insights including:

    1. Customer perceptions vs reality around the speed of Order for Pickup

    2. The benefits of shifting your order mix to Order for Pickup

    3. How utilizing technology and innovation can impact profitability

At the end of the study, you will have a better understanding of how meeting customer demand for Order for Pickup can translate into increased revenue with more orders and more satisfied customers—and in an industry where margins are slim, every incremental dollar and customer counts.

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