A Playbook for Creating Contactless Experiences

Consumers have turned in a dramatic way to online ordering since COVID-19, with the expectation of a seamless and contactless order for pickup experience that will keep them and employees safer.

Over 76% of consumers have recently started using online order for pickup, for the first time since the crisis began. 

A “contactless” experience is now something every business needs to not only understand, but implement throughout their customer journey.

The new Rakuten Ready Playbook for Creating Contactless Experiences provides a compelling look at the critical insights every business needs to understand when implementing a contactless experience throughout the entire customer journey.

In our Playbook for Creating Contactless Experiences you will learn the following:

  1. The three pillars required for a seamless contactless experience
  2. How technology is critical to the contactless order experience
  3. What to expect with contactless technology in the future
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