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We are living through unprecedented times. The impact of COVID-19 on brands and consumers has been swift and drastic, with a new reality altering all parts of everyday life. We are ready to help now with valuable tools and advice.

Whether it’s getting your mobile ordering up and running quickly, managing all the pickup orders coming through, or just advice - we can help.

Need an online ordering solution set up ASAP for Order for Pickup?

CONNECT is everything you need to put your locations online and provide a web and mobile storefront to your customers.

  • End-to-end technology to support mobile ordering and order fulfillment
  • Customers can browse and purchase items specific to your local sites
  • Integrates with existing POS technology and systems

Have more Order for Pickup demand than you can manage?

ARRIVE is predictive arrival technology that lets you know when your customers are approaching to let you optimize Order for Pickup.

  • Receive notifications to know when customers will arrive so you can prioritize orders
  • Plug our SDK into your mobile app with a few lines of code. No hardware needed.
  • Get detailed, real-time data about every trip made to your locations
For more ways to help customers during this challenging time, we've also provided tips on our blog.

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